Simple Nail Designs

Manicure is a very important part of every woman’s style. If you have beautiful clothes and your hands are well-groomed you look fantastic. But if the manicure is poor... That’s why every woman wants to have perfect nails.

Many women think that you have to be a professional in order to paint something cool on your nails. In general that’s correct. You need to have experience, many different polishes and special kits for this. But there are many simple nail arts and designs you can try to use without special equipment and skills. This article will give you several great ideas for fast and good looking manicure.

First of all prepare your nails. Clean the hands with water and soap and clean your nails with special agent – nail polish remover. This will remove all unnecessary stuff and will guarantee that your manicure will be pleasing you for at least a week. Now it’s time to start drawing.


One of the simplest arts every woman can use without difficulties is dots. All you need for this is to cover your nails with same polish and wait a little bit until they dry. After this you need to take another contrast color and make several dots on every finger. You can place dots like you want: chaotically or using a pattern. As you see this technique is very fast and easy.  The more you try the better your skills will be.

The best colors for such styles are red and white, blue and white, green and white, black and white and so on. General tip here is to pick colors with high contrast. The dots must be clearly visible.

Two colors / French manicure

This technique will require special stickers you can find in any beauty shop. If you prefer to buy stuff online you can order them on Amazon. Some people prefer not to buy special stickers but use sticky tape. On my opinion that’s not the best decision. If you want to have high quality manicure you should use special stuff for it.

First of all cover the nail with a base coat. For a French manicure this will be natural “nude” color.  After it’s completely dry place a sticker on every nail. You must be accurate. Make sure the sticker cover all required surface. Take another color and apply it to a free space or where you want it to be located. Wait until the polish dries and remove the stickers. Some people prefer not to wait for too long and remove stickers after a minute or so. We advise you to test several variants and find out what works for you the best.

Don’t forget to apply top coat. For French manicure a shiny transparent polish will be the best choice. For other styles you may use something matte. That’s the end. You can mix different colors and place stickers on different positions. You can even use multiple stickers! Use your imagination and your nails will be perfect.


It’s more difficult option but it’s the best if you don’t have stickers or you want to draw your own figure. You will need a thin brush for this. Such brush can be purchased in special stores or again on Amazon. Apply your basic color and wait until it’s dry. Take your thin brush and draw a figure outline with another contrast color.  You are limited by your creativity only. Use different zigzags, waves and other shapes. Fill the space with polish and then apply top coat.


Many women think that gradient is something they will never master. They think it’s so complicated. But that’s wrong. It’s not difficult to make gradient nails at all. All you need for this is two different colors that look pretty together. For example you may take light pink and yellow or dark pink and light pink. Sponge is also required for this type of art.

Cover the nail with the first color and wait until it dries. Take a small square piece of sponge and draw a line with the first color on it. Then take another color and draw parallel line below this first line. The top part of your second line must cross bottom part of the first one. Then take this sponge and apply colors to the nail. This is how the gradient is usually made. Very simple but looks fantastic!


One of the most popular trends in nail art is plaid. It looks cozy and it can be drawn pretty fast. Take brown polish for basic layer and cover all your nails with it. Wait until it’s completely dry and take thin brush. Thin brush is a must have and we advise you to buy it because it’s required for many different designs. Take dark-red color and draw horizontal and vertical lines near one of the corners of your nail. Wait until the lines dry and draw 2 more similar lines near them.

You can experiment with thicker and thinner lines and find out what works for you. You can also add other colors to the background, but that’s more difficult. Well-made basic plaid design looks pretty good.

One of the most serious difficulties with plaid layout is to draw strict lines. You will have to practice a little before you

Leave one finger free

There is one trick many women like. When you draw dots, figures, shapes or any other art leave your ring or middle finger free. Apply only basic color to it. This gives more variety to your routine and will make your hands more attractive. You can even cover this “free” nail with another contrast color. Not every woman likes such manicure but why not to try?

This trick may be applied to all of the described techniques above. So now you have 10 variants of manicure: 5 cover all nails and 5 let one nail to be untouched.

Shiny or Matte

Don’t forget that you can also play with different top coats! There is a large difference between shiny and matte nails and this is your extra tool for adding variety. The same art or design looks different when you apply shiny and matte top coat. Use this trick!

My tip: internet is full of different advices about how to make matte manicure. Some of them may be really valuable, others are not. But using matte top coat is one of the best ways of getting nice matte.  Other ideas may be cheaper but most of them will not give you what you want.

If you use shiny and matte top coats the number of possible manicure option increases to 20: 10 with shiny and 10 with matte. Now imagine how many colors you can combine! This will make your arsenal even larger. And remember, all the ideas above are rather simple to use!

Color Selection Tips

As you see most of the designs above require you to apply contrast colors. That’s the key to a simple and fast manicure. Contrast colors look eye-catchy and will make your nails pretty. Of course this is not the tip you should follow strictly. Try different combinations and find the combination you like. There are no strict rules in the art of manicure and if you have good imagination you will be able to create something cool.