Winter Nail Designs

Though winter is the coldest time of the year, it’s usually cheerful and interesting. The snow covers the land, everything is white and beautiful. Make sure you have given yourself good winter manicure before going out! You can have so much fun doing this during snowy time. There are so many different shades you can use including many arts and designs.

Manicure is a blast to do because you can be as unique as you want and no one else will have the same exact art as you. You can do a pattern as simple as you want. Some women can get really complex with designs that can take a little while to do, but turn out amazing in the end.

Selecting a Perfect Color

One of the most important steps is selecting proper colors. Doesn’t matter how complicated your idea is, proper colors are the basic.

Color matching with outfits is very popular, but a time spender as some women like to change the colors every night so they’re outfits literally always match their nails! During winter months you don’t necessarily have to do that because some popular shades are usually nude colored tones. They match with anything and everything, so you don’t need to switch your color every night.

A nice pink ballet color or a light toned brown is a very good choice because they don’t pop out too much. Some other tones that are nice for the cold time is a deep red or a light baby blue.

You don’t want anything bright and too bold – save those for the summer time. Essie and OPI usually have nice sets based on the seasons and they always have the “in” colors. So if you are unsure of what colors to go for, you can always look out for those brands to help you along.

Winter Nail Designs and Arts

Some women look at profesially made designs and think: “Wow, those are so complex, I could never do that”. But you can! The secret is not to use the brush from the polish bottle. There are special pens and thick brushes that can be used to concentrate on tinier lines so you’re not dealing with that fat brush! They work like a charm and allow you to paint literally anything. So for those of you who don’t think you could draw some fun patterns, literally anyone can with these handy pens! Winter designs are perfect with these as you can get creative as you want which is always cool to do.

Simple Art

Some winter art styles that you can try are dots. It’s so simple and you should try it first if you have no experience giving yourself a manicure. You should start with painting with one color (or two if you are feeling bold) on one finger and put four or five white dots down the middle. They can be seen as buttons and are very cute when you’re putting on your sweater to bundle up and go outside. It’s almost like you are “buttoning” up.

Another fun pattern that women can try is painting snowflakes. This is where those thin pens come in. Snowflakes can be hard, but doable. You first draw an X and then another line straight down through the X. It will turn into a pretty snowflake and you can add accents anywhere on it that you would like to make it a little more real looking.

A cute design that is very easy to draw is snowman. Anyone can do this. On all five of your fingers, paint it a nice baby blue color. This is the background and it symbolizes sky.  Then draw some white dots (scatter them all about the surface) on four of the other fingers, excluding your ring finger. The ring finger is for the snowman. Draw him with thick pencil or with a brush. You can decorate him up or down as much as you want, just don’t forget to add top hat! It’ll look like your nails have snow coming down all around your cute little snowman.


Especially around Christmas and New Year’s, glitter is everywhere! Why not add some to your design? Pick out a color of your choice and paint all five of your fingers. Then get an all glitter polish (Essie has a nice silver color for this) and just paint the ends of your nails with this. It looks sophisticated and fun, perfect for those holiday events that you plan on going to. Another fun pattern that you can use glitter on is just painting four of your fingers with one color (leaving the ring finger out again) and painting that ring finger all glittery. It gives an edge off and looks very cute too.


Another great idea for the holiday time is the present look! Paint a color on all fingers. Now take those little pens that I talked about earlier and draw a present on every finger! You can just do a bow or get as complex as you would like.


One look that I have seen pop up on many women’s hands this winter season is the plaid look. This is a great design idea. They had painted all of their fingers with one color and then with an accent color of their choice (it was usually black) they painted lines going horizontal and vertical to give off the plaid look. This is always a good idea during these cold months. It looks so homely and warm.

If you are still afraid of messing your nails up using special pens stop it! People aren’t going to be looking at your hands that closely and notice that you messed up a line and it looks a little crooked! Winter designs are meant to be fun and simple. There are some brands out there that have come out with stickers for your fingers. These are so easy and if you do want that complex pattern, I guarantee, you can find them in sticker form. All you do with the stickers is wipe your hands clean, lay the sticker down and trim it to fit your nail and bam! You’re done! These will give off a polished look and it was super easy and fast. Stickers don’t last forever though – they will start to come off after about a week or so.

If you want more ideas for patterns or not sure how to do a pattern stated here, our albums will help you. We have collected many different arts and trending ideas you will definitely like.