Geometric Gradient Nail Design – Triangles

In this tutorial, we will explain how to paint a geometric gradient on your nails. This design looks fresh and attractive. One of the coolest advantages of this design is that it’s very easy to apply and you will hardly see similar manicure on your friends’ nails. Would you like to be unique? If yes, this guide is for you!

The image below demonstrates what you will get at the end. Great mani, isn’t it? It is ideal for both rest and work. You can wear it on weekdays and holidays. It can be done with any colors, and it’s easy!

Geometric Gradient Nail Art

Nail Polishes

Many ladies think that they need many polishes to apply such design. In the example above we have six different shades of one color on every nail. But the trick is that you don’t need to buy many gel polishes!!! All you need is a white color and another deep color of your choice. For example white and deep violet.

You need only 2 colors, and you will be mixing them! It is the main secret of this manicure. Many women think that they have to buy multiple colors for such mani and that’s why they don’t use this art. But you know the secret!

We recommend UV gel polish for this tutorial. It requires UV lamp! You can also use Non-UV gel polish, but you will have to mix colors for every layer separately.

Geometric Gradient Technique

First of all, you need to prepare your nails. We will skip this process. Just do what you usually do. Start with the white base after you are done. You may need two layers of white to make the color solid. Apply basic color to all your nails and wait until it gets dry!

Now take a piece of foil and poor some white polish on it. Take the second color of your choice and poor it near white, but don’t mix them! Now you have two puddles next to each other. Our second color is violet.

Mixing Colors

Take a thin brush and dip it into violet polish. THE BRUSH MUST BE THIN! Take some violet with the brush and mix it with white. Now you have cool looking combination of two colors. Stat drawing the first line of triangles with this new color. Make sure you have covered an area below the triangles like this:

geometric Gradient Nail Art Technique

Let the polish dry after you have done with the first line of triangles.  After this take some more violet and apply it you our previously mixed color. The color becomes darker! This is what you need. The trick is to make every next line of triangles darker!

Let the next line dry, apply even more violet to our previously mixed puddle and draw another line of triangles. This next line will be darker than previous. Repeat these actions again and again until you cover the whole nail.

After you have done with all the lines, let the polish dry and apply a matte top coat. It will make the design look beautiful. You can also try shiny top coat to see how it works. Both options look great!

As you see, there is nothing difficult. It will take some time, but the result is worth it. We guarantee that nobody will have a similar manicure!

Share this geometric gradient tutorial if you find it helpful. We appreciate every share. This gives us stimulus write new articles for you.

Popular Questions

Q: I don’t like UV gel polish. Is it possible to apply this gradient with non-UV gel polish?
A: Yes, you can try. The only difficulty will be that you will most likely mix the color from scratch for every line of triangles. It will take more time, but it is possible.

Q: I can’t draw thin lines with my brush? What to do?
A: Take a thinner brush or cut your current to make it thinner. This design requires thin brush and you have to buy or make it yourself.

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