Nail Filing – You Are Doing It Wrong!!!

A lot of ladies think that Nail Filing is one of the easiest procedures for keeping nails in good shape. They do it in a way they like and they think it can’t harm. But that’s a big mistake that can lead to several serious problems including splitting and even breaks. If you do it wrong you weaken your lovely nails! In this article I will tell you how to file nails and will reveal all the secrets you probably don’t know about.

Rule # 1: Select proper tool!

As you know there are many different types of nail files in every beauty store. Did you ever ask a question about the differences between them? If no, you did a big mistake. This mistake leads to many problems for some women. They differ in their shape and appearance but one of the most important differences id grit!

  • If this value is low, surface of the file consists of large grains and is rough. Such tool is great for artificial nails.
  • If this value is high, the surface is soft. Such tool is perfect for natural nails.

As you see artificial and natural nails require different files! Most of the people don’t know about this and use very rough tool for taking care of their natural nails. That’s terrible! This leads to surface damages or to splitting. Rough surface rips and breaks the nail. Selecting proper grit is very important when you make a purchase. 240 grit or higher is a good choice for natural nails. Higher values are for artificial only!

Grit Size

Some files have two sides: one with soft surface and the other with rough surface. Now you know when to use each side.

Metal files are the cheapest but are not the best. I recommend not to use them because they can tear nails. If you want to achieve the best possible result I recommend glass file. It’s the nost expensive but it will last for long and it’s very soft.

Rule #2: Choose a shape before you start

Decide on your nail shape before starting. There are 5 basic shapes: oval, square, squoval, round, and pointed (almond).

  • Oval is one of the easiest shapes to make and maintain because it’s natural. If you don’t want to spend time select this one. It’s also recommended if you fond of different sports and activities. It is a very popular shape.
  • Square is almost the same but requires a little bit more time to form and maintain.  
  • Squoval is something in between oval and square. It is perfect for nails with wide nail beds.
  • Round is more curved than the oval nail. The sides are curved and meet at a rounded point.
  • Pointed (Almond) is a more extreme version of round. It’s much more difficult to form and maintain it. It’s also more difficult to wear it because the nail is usually quite long.

Rule #3: If your nails are too long cut them first

One of the most important things every girl misses is that filing procedure is not very good for nails’ health. Many people don’t like to use manicure scissors and prefer to file 1 or even 2 millimeters of length during their manicure routine. That’s terrible! If you ask professional manicurist she will tell you that you should use scissors or clippers to remove excessive length. The file is for final shaping only! It’s used as a finisher.

Rule #4: Dry your hands!

Many sites recommend to clean hands with water and soap before giving yourself manicure. That’s a good advice but you shouldn’t leave your fingers in water for too long if you are planning to file them. Soap can lead to dehydration and water will make the surface too soft. This is good for cutting but not so good for filing. If the nails are wet they may split. So make sure your hands are completely dry!

I recommend to give them fast shower and then dry. I don’t let them stay in water for more than 20 seconds.

If you do regular manicure routine with soaking and cutting, make sure the nails become dry before starting to file. It’s not recommended to file nails after a long shower or a bath. The reasons are the same.

If you don’t know what to do with nail polish, don’t bother. You don’t need to remove it. It will not disturb you.

Rule #5: Don’t Move Back-and-Forth!

Now let’s talk about basic technique. Many women think that if they move the file back-and-fourth they will achieve better result.  But that’s not correct. They will most likely split or break the nail. You must forget about this technique forever!

Here is how to do it properly: you sweep the file from one side to the center with one fast motion. Then you do the same for the other side. Always move from side to center and use full length of the file. Always use this technique!

Nail Filing Proper Technique

Rule #6: Hold the angle

You should always hold the file against the nail tip. If you angle it too much, the tip will become thin and sharp as a knife. It will be easier to break it. You may even cut yourself or someone else.

Rule #7: Shape it!

This rule is the simplest: move your tool according the shape you wish to get. If you wish to reach oval make sure you make proper movements. Don’t pressure too much and don’t try to remove as much length as possible. This procedure requires you to perform soft long movements.

As you see there are many secrets a woman should know. Just remember and use them! I hope this article will help you to keep your hands in better shape and will prevent you from damaging your nails. Share this article with your friends and help them with their manicure. They will be thankful for this!

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