Velvet Nails with Flocking Powder Tutorial

Velvet nails is one of the most interesting manicure ideas you can find. It is great for daily wearing, for going to work and for parties. It looks unusual and eye catching. One of the most important benefits of this mani idea is that it is very easy to use. We will explain how to give yourself flocking manicure in this step by step tutorial. We will also answer frequently asked questions and will reveal some important tips.

Velvet Nails

Velvet / Flocking Powder

This manicure will require some preparation. First of all you need some flocking powder of any color. For the purposes of this guide we will be using red powder. You can buy it from any online store.

After purchasing you will receive a small jar full of powder. It will be enough to use it for multiple times. You will be able to give yourself many manicures with this jar. You can even share it with your friends :)

Velvet Flocking Powder

There are different colors available. We recommend to try them and find which of them suits your style. The good news is that you can purchase a set of different colors. It will cost you less money compared to purchasing all of them separately.  For example 24 color set will not cost you too much but you will have great variety with it.

Nail Polish

You will need simple nail polish or non UV gel polish for this manicure. There is one thing you should keep in mind: select the color that suits the color of the flocking powder the best. This shouldn’t be the exact match but it’s better when the colors are almost similar.

For example if you have red powder use red polish. You may take lighter or darker color but it should be close to the color of the powder you select.

That’s all you need. You may also want to take a soft brush to clean the hands at the end. But that’s not so important.

Making Velvet Nails

Now let’s begin. Prepare your nails as you usually do for your manicure. Make sure you have put a sheet of paper on the table before you start. This sheet will help to collect remaining powder after you finish. This remaining powder can be used once again. So the sheet is really necessary.

Put one finger on the sheet and apply nail polish to it. Velvet nails are done one by one!!! So don’t cover all your fingers this time.

Immediately after this take tweezers and start raining the powder on the polished nail. Don’t wait. Use your fingers if you don’t have tweezers. You must cover the surface of your nail with a thick layer of velvet powder! Make sure you have covered the whole surface!

After this use tweezers or fingers to press the powder. Don’t press too hard but also don’t do it too soft. Press hard enough to make it stick into the surface. Remember that the nail has round form. So you have to apply pressure to different areas and sides.

Don’t wait until the polish dries! Start applying powder right after you complete with polish! If the polish is too dry it will not “take” the powder and you will fail.

Making Velvet Manicure Steps

Wait a little to let the polish dry after you have finished with pressing. When you are done remove all the excess powder with the brush.

Do you see how much powder is remaining on the sheet? You can use it again for your next finger or you can put it back into the jar.

That’s pretty much all! You can admire the result. Remember that you don’t need any top coat for this manicure. A top coat will ruin all your hard work.

As you see velvet manicure is really easy to make. You don’t need to have art skills for this. Everybody can make it but only few really use this design. That’s your advantage!

Popular Questions

Q: I try to apply powder but it doesn’t stick. What to do?
A: This may happen either because you wait for too long after you apply polish or because you don’t press hard enough. The advice is not to wait and to press harder.

Q: Can I wash hands and take shower?
A: Yes, you can. This mani will not suffer from water. It will become wet but it will dry fast.

Q: Do I need to cover the surface with any finish layer after I am done?
A: No, extra layers are not required.

Video Tutorial

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