Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

Zebra Print is a very cool nail art if you know how to make it. You may probably want to wear it at work; it’s great for rest time, parties and holidays. It looks even better if you have zebra print on some of your clothes or accessories. We will explain how to make such nail design in this step by step tutorial.

In general, this manicure is pretty easy. You don’t need any art skills to apply it. You don’t need to mix colors or draw difficult patterns. We are sure you will be able to master it.

You will need 2 polish colors for this: white and black. Zebra is white with black stripes, isn’t it? :) You may use milky color instead of white, but on our opinion white looks better. You will also need a thin brush to draw the lines. Top coat is also required.

How to make

Prepare your nails as you usually do for your regular manicure. Apply white color to all the nails and wait until it gets dry. Apply another layer of white if it’s required. Make sure the nails are covered properly and white layer is solid.

Apply black polish to a piece of paper and deep your thin brush into it. Start drawing zebra print lines. You may think that it’s very difficult but it isn’t. Start drawing from side to the center. The beginning must be thick while the end must be thin. Draw lines one after another leaving enough space between them. Here are several zebra textures for your inspiration:

Zebra print

Some people complain that this print is very complicated, but it’s really not. All you need is to practice a little. It doesn’t require you to draw straight lines like Plaid print. Just take your brush and try. The more you try – the better.

Many people may experience difficulties with their right hand. Drawing something on the right hand may be pretty difficult. But once again – practice will solve this. Moreover, nobody forces you to draw this print on all your nails. You may apply it to some of them and leave others blank. It also looks very cool.

Zebra manicure steps

Apply a top coat once you have finished with the print. It will make the art smooth and shiny. You can try to use matte top coat if you wish. Now you can admire the result.

Playing With Colors

The above tutorial is about classic zebra design, but you may want something fresh and more attractive. We advise to change colors in this case. You can play with background to make this design more interesting. For example you may use blue gradient instead of white. This will make your manicure very cool. You may also try to apply something shiny instead of white.

A very cool idea is to combine black matte base coat with shiny black stripes. This design looks so elegant!

Black Zebra nail art

Hope this zebra manicure tutorial will help you. If you find it useful share with your friends please. We need your support.

Popular questions

Q: I can’t draw zebra stripes. What to do?
A: Practice. Practice. Practice. Take a small sheet of paper and try to draw there. It’s a simple design and you will be able to succeed soon.

Q: What colors do you recommend for base?
A: Any color is great. Everything depends on your style. You are limited by your imagination only. Don’t forget that shiny and matte top coats also give different result. So this is another way of customization.

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