Nail Salons in Westmont, NJ

We have found 1 Nail Salons in Westmont, NJ. Visitors have already left 10 reviews of all these places in total. Here is our brief analysis of the reviews: 2 of them are very positive, 2 are good, 1 are acceptable, 1 are bad and 4 are ugly.

40% of customers are satisfied with nail service in the city.

Totally Satisfied - 2 clients
Good Experience - 2 clients
Not Satisfied - 1 clients
Bad Experience - 1 clients
Ugly Experience - 4 clients

Pay Attention: there are too many negative salon reviews in Westmont, NJ.
Select the place you wish to go to carefully.

Best Places to Visit

Bella Nail Boutique 10 reviews 2.5 star rating
+1-856-869-5200 Appointment is not required
Price: Moderate
38 Haddon Ave
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