Nail Salons Near me in Stafford VA

Nail treatment is more than just getting manicure and pedicure and some artistic polish. If you really want the best, then you need to take your time and choose from the best. Personally, getting quality services for your hard earned cash has been a major driving force when it comes getting quality treatment. You don't have to be a professional in the field to spot a good nail salon near you in Stafford VA. All you need is look out for the indicators that I am going to discuss on this page.

Driving for hours just to get your nails done does not make sense if you can get one close by. Everyone is always looking for some way to cut back on expenses. If you are looking for a good salon over the internet, it is best that you start with those that are nearby. You can be lucky to get a good one that is just a walking distance from your home.

Nail Salons Near me in Stafford VA

Salons Open Late / on Sundays

Most of the places where you can make manicure open at 9 am and work till 8 pm. If you are looking for a salon that stays open late you will have to  search a little. Many people work a lot during weekdays and have no time for manicure. That’s why the only day when they are absolutely free is Saturday or Sunday. This may be a very good alternative if you are busy. Visiting manicurist on weekend will give you relax and will help to get prepared for the next busy days. For example Imperial Salon & Day Spa (1425 Stafford Market Pl) operates from 10 am - 7 pm on Sunday. 

Things to Remember when Selecting Nail Salon

If you are shy about asking from one person to the other about the best nail salon, then you can go online and check out reviews of several salons near you. A good shop is one that allows the customers to discuss their experiences without reservations. A website that has more good reviews than bad is the best. However, you should also be on the lookout for sites that cook review or that hire people to write sham reviews.

I found my current nail salon by asking around a few weeks after I moved in the neighborhood. You should never be embarrassed about asking for good salons. This is because you will be using other people's experiences to make your decisions. This can save you from nasty encounters with substandard salons. The rule of thumb in business is that customers will always talk about how you treat them.

You definitely do not want to leave a salon with some strange bacterial or fungal infection. Therefore, the first attribute you should look out for is how much the owner invests in cleanliness. You need to be aware than a dozen customers have used the same equipment and creams. The possibility of one of them carrying some infection is relatively high. Therefore, it is important that your salon of choice takes extra measures to keep the environment clean.

Atmosphere in Virginia is always fresh because of beautiful nature surrounding the city. But you may be surprised with atmosphere in some beauty salons. Some of reagents and solvents used there are potentially harmful. For instance, there was this salon that I visited and left with a throbbing headache despite the superb services offered. This is because the rooms were too small and the ventilation poor. For the three hours I spent there, I was forced to inhale toxic fumes from a nail polish remover. Go for salons that are spacious with good ventilation systems.


  • Range of Services. The best salon is one that gives you a range of options to choose from. It can be frustrating to jump from one nearby salon in Stafford to another looking for specific services. For instance, a shop that offers a variety of manicures including gel, acrylic, and, sculptured makes it easy for you to change your mind easily without hopping from one shop to the other. If you can find a salon that offers other services such as massage and facials the better.
  • Patronage Every time I move from one neighborhood to another in Virginia, I always look for a good nail salon near me. The thing is when you become a regular at a given shop, they remember your needs and more often than not give you exclusive services. What I mean here is that it is better to remain loyal to a good salon and enjoy the best services rather than hop from one salon to the other every time you need your nails treated.
  • First Impression If you walk in a salon and no one greets you or shows you interest then dust your feet and move to the next. Any business in the service industry knows how important customer's perception is. Therefore, most of them invest in quality reception as a way of giving customers the best. In essence, if a salon does not appreciate how important you are then you have no business having your nails done in the salon.
  • Cost. Never shove cost in the back seat unless you are Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Most people make the assumption that the more expensive a shop is the better the quality. This might be true in some instances but not all. You can still get high-end services without having to dig deeper in your pockets. This requires some research and lots comparisons but eventually, it is worth it. I have done it several times successfully and I was amazed at how prices vary from one shop to another.
  • Decor. When you want to a Stafford nail salon, take time and look around for the kind of decorations their have and how things have been arranged. Nail treatment is an art and it the quality of art should showcase even in the smallest details. The interior design of the best nail salon should be one whose interior demonstrates nothing short of elegance and style.

Range of Products and Professional Staff

If you have some experience with polishes, you definitely know that some are better than others. You should always stay away from outlets that use cheap and substandard products for nail treatment. Your hands are an important part of your beauty detail and you should always ensure that they are looked after well.

Most of us can do our nails comfortably at home. The only reason we go to salons is to get professional services from well-trained staff. I am always at ease when am certain that a professional is handling my hands and more often than no I treat myself to a nap in the process.

From the word go, I always make a point of looking for the best nail salon near me every time I move to a new neighborhood. Your hands are very important because they say a lot about you and your style. Instead of just looking for any salon, look for the best salon where you will get quality services.