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Our website is here to help you with your manicure. We have a section with manicure and nail care guides + large gallery of the best arts and designs you may use for your inspiration. Our website has just been launched and there are not so many articles and images so far, but we are rapidly growing. We are going to add many useful features in future to satisfy our visitors. Register now and join our community.

In this tutorial we will explain how to paint geometric gradient on your nails. This technique is very easy and will not require too many colors colors. [..]
Read this tutorial in order to find out how to make camouflage nail art at home. This design is becoming more and more popular nowadays. [..]
This tutorial explains how to give yourself zebra print manicure at home. You will need 2 colors: white and black and a top coat for this. [..]
This tutorial will explain how to make Velvet Nails at home without visiting salon. It’s very easy! Just follow the steps. [..]
Chrome or mirror nails is one of the most eye catching nail designs. Follow this step by step tutorial to give yourself such manicure without using UV lamp! [..]
Nail Filing is not as easy as it seems. There are many mistakes you can make. Find out how to file your nails without harming them. Secret techniques and tips revealed. [..]
Cutting nails is one of the most important procedures for keeping your hands in perfect shape. Find out how to do it properly, what tools you will need and many other details. [..]
French manicure is one of the most popular classic nail designs in the world. In this article I will explain how to give yourself French and will reveal several important secrets and tips you probably… [..]
There are many simple nail arts and designs you can try to use without special equipment and skills. This article will give you several great ideas for fast and good looking manicure. [..]
February 14th is one of the most romantic days. Find the best Valentine's Day nail arts and designs you can apply for you manicure. [..]
Winter nail designs and art gallery will help you to find perfect manicure ideas for this coldest season. [..]

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    Nails tell a lot about a person. They communicate about one’s personality, and how well one cares for their appearance. Neglecting them sends out a message of self-neglect as a whole. If they are broken and look unsightly your appearance may detract some people. The opposite is also true. Having properly polished and manicured fingers sends out a strong message of caring for yourself. It shows immense self-love and self-care. There are countless reasons why you should get them done, either by a professional or by yourself. Regardless of who does your manicure, the important thing is that they need to be looking their best all the time.

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