Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

camouflage nails

Camouflage nail art is becoming more and more popular because of growing camouflage trend in clothes. You can see many people wearing such clothes almost everywhere. If you also have clothes with such print make sure you have this cool manicure in your arsenal.

In general this print is very similar to animal print: you either love or hate it. If you are in the first group this guide is for you. We have explained all the details about how to make camouflage nail art.


First of all prepare your nails for the manicure as you usually do. You will need at least 5 different colors for this design: light creampale dark greenbrownlight green and black. You will also need top coat.

Light cream is for the base color. Cover all your nails with it and wait until it gets dry. You will most likely have to cover your nails twice. Your base layer must be solid.

Pale dark green is your next color. Take your thin brush or dotting tool and start drawing green areas. Wait for some time after you are done. Give the areas some time to get dry.

Now take brown polish. You also need to draw several spots with it. Wait again after you are done. You have to wait after applying each color in order not to mix them.

Now take light green and draw several areas near existing spots. You may place the colors near each other. But that’s not the only option. You may apply one color over the other to make the manicure look better.

Take black polish and apply it to some of the free areas you haven’t covered yet. At this stage the design may look not very attractive but everything will change when you apply top coat.

Now wait until the polish dries and apply thick layer of top coat. Don’t pressure a lot and you will be ok. The top coat will make the design smooth and attractive. Don’t forget that you can use either shiny or matte top coat!

That’s all. Now you have cool Camouflage manicure. Share this guide with friends if you like it. This will help our website to grow.

Popular Questions

Q: What patterns should I use for this design?
A: There is no exact pattern. Try to use your imagination. In general we recommend painting longer and shorter areas. Just make sure you have used 3-4 different colors.

Q: I stopped drawing because the design looks terrible. Is this because I can’t draw well?
A: We recommend not to stop at the middle. Continue drawing and finish your work. The result you see in the middle may look terrible but finish it and apply top coat. Top coat makes magic! You will see how it will change your work.

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